Pat Wheeler Ministries
Look what the Lord has done
The Lord instructed us to go on the web in November of 2004, and to make ourselves available
to people and to teach and preach the Gospel in an uncompromising fashion. To pray in faith for
those who need prayer. And that the prayer of faith would heal the sick and give peace and joy to
the hurting. We have endeavored  to do just that! But there was no way to imagine what would
come to pass this 1st year. We received email, letters and phone calls from every corner of the
globe. And God has truly confirmed His Word with signs and wonders all over the world! We
have prayed over thousands of situations from Salvations to the worst diseases known to man.
Many have caught the Revelation of Jesus and who He is, And that He saves, heals, and
delivers the same today as He did yesterday and will do tomorrow! God has used us in many
wonderful ways this year, And has been glorified by the fruit born out of obedience. Thousands
have become Born Again or Rededicated to Jesus, and hundreds have been healed in their
body's and delivered from addictions. All of the Glory belongs to God! We could not of done
anything without the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit! And in no way, shape or form are we
taking credit for all he has done! There were days we suffered from lack of sleep and even felt
delusional from praying for so many people. But it was those days that instilled in us the
faithfulness of God to His Word! And that we could do all things through Christ who strengthened
us. For surely, all things are possible to those who believe! My heart and prayer is that through
this ministry people will learn how to have faith and believe God as we do! Jesus is Lord! And
what He did, He did for you!
Only believe, only believe, all things are possible for those who believe!
As of January 2006
For those who think God doesn't care!
Here are Just a Few
2009 Rescuer Award