Pat Wheeler Ministries
Praise Reports
We pray for people all over the world. And are receiving many wonderful testimonies of God
answering our prayers and confirming His Word with signs and wonders. Because some of
these people live in nations where Christians still face major persecution, We will keep their
identities private and just record the praise reports. These are written so that you may be
encouraged in whatever you are going through and to help you come out victorious. God is no
respecter of persons! What He has done for these people, He will do for you! Only Believe!
H.P From India contacted us asking for prayer for his eternal destiny. He stated that his body
was full of cancer and he didn't have long to live. We prayed and interceded fervently on his
behalf, and after 2 days received this email back.
I woke yesterday with a feeling of great strength. One that I had not had in some time. I went to
my doctor today and he could not find any cancer in my body and told me that there is no doubt I
have received a miracle from God! I have served my god faithfully as a Hindu Priest for over 40
years and to the best of my knowledge, he has not answered prayers like your God has! Tell me
more about this Jesus.
H.P. received Jesus into his heart that day and went out immediately and got his 2 best friends
(Also Hindu Priest)  Born Again, and by the end of the week, had preached Jesus and got their
entire village Born Again! All praise and glory to God!
J.F.From West Virginia contacted us saying he and his wife had just found out that she was pregnant, but the Doctors said the Baby was not in the
womb but rather in her tubes and they didn't give them much hope. Stating he knew and believed God could do all things he asked would we pray
and believe with them  for their unborn child's life.
After interceding on their behalf we were led of the Spirit to tell them to hold hands and jump up and down together praising God and quoting
scriptures pertaining to the blessings of God and do that until the joy of the Lord replaced the fear that had gripped their hearts. And afterwards to
let her take a warm bath, all the time pushing down from her stomach to the womb and praising God.
One week later he replied: I just wanted to write and tell you that I sincerely thank you for your prayers. I thank God for his miracles and for people
like you who take the time to pray with someone they don't even know. My wife went for tests today and from what they could see everything was
normal. She goes in Monday for another ultrasound , but I know God has already taken care of every thing. The doctors are already saying the baby
may have been to early to see but praise Jesus I know what happened. Love in Christ.  J.F
S.T. From Texas contacted us to please pay for his wife and him. She had left and said she wasn't coming back. They had 3 young children and he
didn't know what to do! He said he loved her and they would start serving the Lord if she would come back.
We interceded for them and believed God for a complete restoration in their marriage. And that they would serve the Lord.
4 Days later S.T. wrote: I decided to go to Church on Sunday and much to my surprise, there was my wife! We set together and after the sermon, we went
to the alter together and re-dedicated our lives to the Lord! For the first time since we got married I feel like true love and harmony has come back into
my marriage and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for praying for us! God is Good!
These signs will follow
those who believe!