Pat Wheeler Ministries
Demons and Evil Spirits
Many Christians today struggle with demons or demonic activity, and evil spirits. And we pray for
them on a daily basis. Many also go through life defeated and unaware of their presence. I was
raised up in a Baptist Church and this topic was never mentioned as far as I can remember, and
it was not until I came into Full Gospel circles that I learned of them. First, let me say that all
demonic and evil spirits have one goal in mind. And that is to keep you from knowing the truth of
who you are "In Christ!" For they know that once you have knowledge of this, they can no longer
have authority over you, unless you let them! Second, this is not a game! If you are going to take
authority over demons and evil spirits, you "MUST" know who you are "IN CHRIST!" A good
example of this is in Acts 19:14 - The 7 sons of sceva. So, let us look unto the Word of God and
see who we are "IN CHRIST". II Timothy 3:16 - All scripture is given from God and profitable so
that the man of God will be equipped for every good work. Getting people free of demons and evil
spirits was one thing that Jesus felt was very important in his ministry! And it should be for us
too!. In Matthew 28:18 - Jesus said, all authority has been given unto me, therefore, you go! And
Philippians 2:10 tells us that at the Name of Jesus every knee will bow! And includes beings in
heaven, on earth and under the earth! The Bible records in Mark 6:7 - Jesus sending his
disciples out and giving them power over demons and evil spirits! And Luke 10:20 - Jesus said,
rejoice not that demons and evil spirits are subject to you, but that your name is written in the
Lambs Book of Life! Acts 10:34 - Peter said, I perceive that God is no respecter of persons! Or in
other words, God will do the same thing for any believer that dares to believe, that he did for
these great men of God in the Bible! When Paul had problems with evil spirits, (II Corinthians
12:9) God told him that my grace is sufficient for you! Or, I have given my power and authority to
you! Now you do something about it! You act like my Word is true! Ephesians 3:20 - says that
Gods power works through us! I John 4:4 - says that Greater is He that is "IN US" Than he that is
in the world! Overcoming demons and evil spirits is what he was talking about! In the Gospel of
John, the 14th and 17th Chapters, The Bible speaks of God being in Christ and believers being in
them and them in us! Jesus said, don't let your heart be troubled! Fear Not! "I AM IN YOU!"  I
"WILL NOT LEAVE YOU"! Hebrews 13:5 - 6 I will never leave you nor forsake you! That we may
boldly say: The Lord is my helper! The more "GOD INSIDE" minded you get, the more bold you are
to take authority over these demons and evil spirits! James 4:7 - Resist the devil and "he will"
flee (run away in terror) from you! I want to encourage you to build yourself up with these
scriptures before you start taking authority over the devil and demons and evil spirits!

John 14:16 - 27  I am in you! I will make my abode "IN YOU"
John 15 - I am the vine and you are the branches! Abide "IN ME" And "I IN YOU"
John 17:13 - 24  "I IN YOU" "YOU IN ME" "THEY IN US"
Ephesians Chapters 1 and 3 The mystery of the Gospel - Gods power in you!
Colossians Chapter 1  Christ in you! The hope of glory!

When you become "GOD IN YOU" minded, as Jesus was, you won't have any problem casting out
the devil, demons, or evil spirits. Because it is not "YOU" doing the work! But rather
"GOD IN YOU" is he that does the work!
Prayer for Strength

Father I come to you in the name of Jesus. And Father I thank you that you always hear my
prayers. Father I thank you that you have made a covenant through the Blood of Jesus with me.
And I thank you for living on the inside of me now. Father I want my life to be pleasing to you and
to glorify you Lord. I ask you Father for a special anointing of your Holy Spirit to lead me and
guide me for the rest of my life. In Jesus Name I pray.
Casting out demons and evil spirits
You must be BOLD and FIRM about this! Stomp your foot! GET!!!

In the Name of Jesus and by the Blood of the Lamb of God. I command you devil, demons, evil
spirits and every cohort of hell to get out of here now! You have no dominion here! God has
dominion here and I command you to loose your hold now in the Name of Jesus Christ of
Nazareth. You get off of Gods property and don't you ever come back around here! You get out of
here right now! And I don't mean maybe! I mean right now! GET!

Minister to the person now

Arise, go free in the Name Of Jesus! Live the rest of your life free to serve and worship God.
Never go back to the life you were just delivered from. For if you do, it will be worse than
before! Angels of God who are sent forth to minister for those who are heirs of Salvation,
minister to this child of Gods right now! Strengthen them and lead them in the ways of
righteousness for your names sake. God will never leave you nor forsake you and you must
never leave Him nor forsake Him. Always seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness
and all will be well for you. Live for God and He will give you the desires of your heart. Learn of
Him through His Word and be a doer of the Word and may God bring you wisdom and knowledge
of Him and what He would have you to do with your life, In Jesus Name we pray. Amen