Pat Wheeler Ministries
Pray for Us
We are Evangelist and not a Pastor of a Church. Therefor we don't receive any help from a
congregation or any other association. And because we are here to help people and do not
believe in charging for our services, we are experiencing very high levels of prayer
request. Most of the request we are getting are from people in dire need of a touch from God!
And most need a miracle fast to keep from dying! We endeavour to pray fervently for these
people and intercede on their behalf. And are believing God to deliver them! On occasion
we get prayer request from battered women or abusive relationship situations and are led of
the Lord to not only pray, but also help them out in any way we can. Most people find us
through search engines on the web. It cost money to be able to list ourselves and let people
know that there is someone out there who will take an interest in them personally and
without charge!  We are receiving request from England, Israel, Iraq, Iran, India, Philippines,
Japan, Australia, China, Africa and many more! And are praying and believing God to work
miracles all over the world. We are spending hours and hours in prayer interceding for the
lost, the sick, and the bound for a mighty work of God to deliver them. God is confirming his
Word and our prayers for them and we are receiving powerful testimonies back of complete
restorations and healing all manor of sickness and disease. And through the signs and
wonders performed in their body's, many are receiving Jesus as their personal savior and
dumping their Muslim and Hindu Religions and are becoming
Born Again Christians! Glory to God!
We need your help
We are in need of partners! Please lift us up before the Lord in prayer for the strength and wisdom
needed to carry out this mission! Pray for us to not grow weary in well doing! If you can help out
financially with a tax deductible gift of any amount,
When we get to heaven I believe we will meet
some of these people and great will be your reward for helping us reach them! As a partner, you
receive the same reward as we do! And I lift
my Partners up everyday in prayer before the throne of
God and thank Him for you! And ask for a special blessing over you and your family!
We will fulfill
what God has called us to do! For His Glory! Praise God!
I want to personally thank every one in advance for helping us, to be able to help others!
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Thank you for helping us reach the World
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