Pat Wheeler Ministries
Praise Reports
P.T. From Canada wrote: Please, pray for my young daughter! She is 3 years old and suffers
from epileptic seizures and the medicine the doctor gives her, seems to leave her living in a
daze! I am very afraid and concerned for her! Please pray for us!
We prayed fervently for them and their daughter asking God to heal her and them.
10 days later she wrote: I have a praise report to offer you. The day after you prayed for us and
encouraged us in the Word of God, a great peace came over us and a joy that we haven't
experienced in years fell on our house. My husband said, whatever has happened feels like a
curse has been lifted off of us. Today I took my daughter to the doctor and after examining her,
he told me to quit giving her the medicine and lets see what happens. I know what has
happened, Praise God! We are so very appreciative of all that God has done and we can't began
to thank you enough for your prayers! Truly you are a wonderful person to care so much for
people you don't even know! Praise God for ministers like you!
These signs will follow
those who believe!
E.G From Indonesia wrote: I need someone to agree with me concerning my feet. I have an
infection in both of them, that the doctors can't tell me what it is. But they are saying I may have
to have them amputated. I need God to heal me! I don't want to loose my feet! We prayed for
E.G. and set our faith in agreement with her that by His stripes she WAS healed and
commanded her feet to be healed! 2 months later we received this report: I did as you said and
stood on the Word of God and spoke to my feet several times a day! I didn't see any change for
quite some time. But every time I started to doubt, The Holy Spirit reminded me of what you
said, to not give up or give in! It took over 45 days to see any change, but now my feet are fine
and the doctors have given me a clean bill of health! Praise God for his Word! And thank you
for helping and praying for me! I will tell everyone what the Lord has done for me! Again, thank
you from the bottom of my heart!
P.L. From Indianapolis wrote: I came across your website by searching for prayer on the  
internet. My heart is giving out and the doctors are not real optimistic. Can you pray for me. We
did pray for P.L. and asked God to intervene on his behalf. 5 days later he wrote: At 4 a.m. I
awoke with the joy of the Lord all over me! It was wonderful and I had not felt this good in
years! I knew that I was healed and got up and walked all around my house praising God! At 9
a.m. I called the doctor and went in to see him! After examining me, he said my heart looks like
a young childs and I am totally healed! Praise God for all your prayers! I am going to live my
life out for Jesus and do all I can for the kingdom of God! Jesus Is Lord and Healer! Praise God!
For Those Who Think God Doesn't Care!