Pat Wheeler Ministries
Praise Reports
B.M. From Iraq contacted us saying, please pray for me. I am in fear of my life and I feel as if God
has abandoned us and there is military fighting all around my house and I fear that me and my
family are in great danger. Please pray for our safety.
We wrote back and told him of the saving power of Jesus Christ and that Jesus is the Messiah
and he needed to ask Jesus into his heart and directed him to the Salvation Prayer.
3 Days later he wrote: My family and I are safe! The fighting has stopped around my house! I
asked Jesus to come into my heart and save me and my family did too. Praise God, for the first
time in a long time I feel safe! Thank you for your Prayers. B.M.
T.L From England contacted us saying, please pray for me. I have not lived my life for God and
have just been diagnosed with liver cancer. I want to get right with God, but don't know how to
do it. Can you help me?
We prayed and interceded for T.L.and directed him to the prayer for Salvation and prayer for
Healing on the Roundtable link as well as instructed him to start attending a local church.
2 weeks later he wrote: I had been looking at a Church down the street from where I stay, and
after receiving your email I attended it. It was wonderful and the whole Church prayed for me. I
received Jesus as my Lord and Savior and am believing God to heal me! Thank you for praying
for me! That was a wonderful thing that the Spirit of God directed you to Do! Thank You Jesus!
J.W. From Mississippi contacted us saying, I need a financial miracle fast! All of my bills are overdue and the bank is threatening to take my car if the
payment is not made by friday. We attend our local church and pay our tithes according to Gods Word and don't understand why we struggle. Any help
would be certainly appreciated.
After praying for J.W. The Spirit of God directed us to minister to them that the power of life and death was in their tongue and that they needed to start
speaking life over their tithes and offerings and over the prosperity of their household and family.
5 Days later he wrote: Thank you so much for praying and ministering to us! We have done exactly what you said and yesterday the bank contacted
us and said, that not only could we keep the money for the payment, but keep next months payment as well! To help us get on our feet! From this day
on I will always remember what you have taught us on speaking life over our offerings! It Works! Praise God! J.W.
M.H. From Iran contacted us saying, I am Muslim and came across your website and question some of the things I read there. Our Koran tells us that
Mohammed is the only way to God. Under what authority do you make your claims. If Jesus is the Son of God, have Him heal my grandmother of
cancer. Then I will believe the things you write.
We prayed fervently for Jesus to heal his grandmother that he might believe. And accept Jesus into his heart.
One week later he wrote: I can't believe it, but Jesus has healed my grandmother! Just as you said! I have heard a lot of the elders say things about
God, but none of them could get God to heal my grandmother! But God healed her just at your prayer! I have asked God to forgive me and for Jesus
to come into my heart! I am afraid to tell anyone but you, as it is not accepted in my country! Praise God! I am Saved! M.H.
These signs will follow
those who believe!